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We all dream of retirement at some stage in life, but deciding when to retire is a big decision.

Making sure you stop working at the right time can depend on several factors, including feeling ready to stop working, whether your partner is still working, your health, your outside interests, access to your superannuation, your existing level of debt and having enough money and investments.

So how do we do it?

Retirement strategies are one of our specialties. Once you retire you can use your superannuation (perhaps supplemented by the government-age pension) to provide a tax-effective, regular income.

The main income stream options available to most people are:

  • Pre retirement pension lets you access your super while still working and provides an opportunity to set up investments that at a certain age can generate an income
  • An allocated pension provides a regular income from your super
  • Annuities offer a regular income over an agreed¬†timeframe

Maximising and protecting this income is the most important factor.

Client Scenario

Maximising your retirement income stream

Now that Max and Sarah have retired, they want to ensure their income is sustained over the longer term. It’s probably the only income they will now have the opportunity to receive.

They have bought a new boat and are enjoying life, but for peace of mind, they want to ensure enough money to last the distance!

Our Solution

Understanding your retirement income stream is the best way to ensure you are making the most of it in the first place.

Strategies For Life discussed the best options available to Max and Sarah, creating a plan to follow and revisit to ensure their lifestyle goals are sustained throughout retirement.

  • Learn about the various tax components of an income stream
  • Discover various pension strategies and how they apply
  • Understand the importance of constantly reviewing your retirement position, even after you have retired

Strategies For Life can help design the most suitable strategy that suits your circumstances to ensure your goals are reached within your timeframe.